Agrani Bank emerged as a Nationalized Commercial Bank following the Bangladesh Banks (Nationalization) Order 1972 vide President’s Order No. 26 of 1972 under which former Habib Bank Limited and Commerce Bank Limited and renamed as Agrani Bank. The Bank was incorporated as a State-owned Commercial Bank on 17 May 2007 under the Companies Act 1994. On a going concern basis, Agrani Bank PLC took over the business, assets, liabilities, rights and obligations of Agrani Bank through a vendor’s agreement signed on 15 November 2007 between the Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and the Board of Directors of ABL with retrospective effect from 01 July, 2007.

Agrani Bank PLC is governed by the Board of Directors consisting of chairman,  5 Directors and MD & CEO at present. The Bank is headed by the Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer; Managing Director is assisted by Deputy Managing Directors and General Managers. The bank has 11 Circle offices, 53 zonal offices and 37 Divisions in head office. ABL has been able to create 977 branches including 36 corporate , 43 AD (authorized dealer) branches widely distributed and is a technology pioneer, with all branches providing real time online banking. We also have five subsidiaries: a merchant bank, a small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) financing company and remittance house in Singapore, Malaysia and Canada.

Agrani Bank PLC is the First state-owned Commercial Bank in Bangladesh to introduce Agent Banking. Currently ABL has 567 agent booths who are operating Agent Banking activities around the rural areas of Bangladesh. In Agrani Bank PLC, Islamic Banking system is operated under 'Islamic Banking Unit' since February 28, 2010. Currently Islamic banking system is being operated through 60 windows. Agrani Bank PLC Committed to serving the nation.