Initially the Non-Discretionary (i.e. Investors Discretion) portfolio account will be opened. Subsequently the portfolio management shall be expended with the introduction of following schemes:

  • Bank's discretionary portfolio account.    
  • Investor's discretion portfolio management scheme for high net worth investors.   
  • Profit loss sharing portfolio management scheme (subject to approval of SEC).

Requirements for opening Account

  • The account holder has to be physically present while opening an investment account    
  • Prescribed account opening form has to be filled-up properly   
  • Two passport size photographs duly attested by an introducer.    
  • The introducer needs to have an investment account or any other account with Agrani Bank.    
  • Persons of unsound mind or minors are not eligible to open investment account    
  • Maximum two accounts can be opened � one in the name of the individual and other jointly.