1. Money Market Activity:

Money Market (MM) Desk of Agrani Bank Limited is one of the most active and well-organized desk generating handsome revenue for the bank. This desk is playing vital role in treasury division. The main function of Money Market desk is liquidity management and maintenance of CRR and SLR as per regulatory requirement. Other important functions of Money Market desk is to participate Bangladesh Bank's auctions of Treasury Bills/Bonds. Besides these Money Market desk is also engaged in overnight transactions (call money) as-well-as short term funding like repo, reverse repo, term placement etc. As a member of PDBL money market also deals with all kinds of Govt. approved securities in primary and secondary market.

2. Foreign Exchange Market Activity:

The Foreign Exchange Desk of Agrani Bank Limited plays dynamic and effective role in interbank Foreign Exchange operations like spot, forward, swap, term placement and need based other cross currency deal. Foreign Exchange desk is devoted in buying and selling of various foreign currencies for managing Foreign Exchange exposure and to mitigate risks. The desk also innovates with need based foreign currency dealing and quoting rates to customers and exchange houses/correspondents. At the same time, as per regulatory requirement Foreign Exchange desk has to maintain the Net Open Position (NOP) limit of foreign currency.

3. Investment Desk Activity:

Investment desk operates investment in equity, share, commercial paper, bridge financing and subordinate bond. By which investment desk plays a vital role in maximizing the profit of the bank.

4. Asset Liability Management Activity:

In compliance with Bangladesh Bank Guidelines, the bank has an Asset Liability Management (ALM) Policy. According to the policy, Agrani Bank Limited has a dedicated committee to deal with Asset-Liability Management, called the Asset Liability Committee (ALCOM). The ALCOM generally meets at least once in every month and reviews liquidity requirement, deposit mix, key liquidity ratios, the maturity profile of assets and liabilities, deposit and loan pricing strategy, transfer pricing, sensitivity of assets and liabilities, key management indicators, balance sheet analysis, commodity price and overview of the market as per Bangladesh Bank's Guidelines.

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