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Millions of Bangladeshi nationals are employed in a variety of professions in reputed organizations all over the world. Their expertise and professional acumen have earned Bangladesh not only fame and prestige but also hard currency strengthening the backbone of our economy. Bangladeshi nationals living abroad are to remit their hard earned savings through banking channels, but not all of them are aware of friendly banking channels they may send their money through.

Agrani Bank Limited, a leader in Foreign Remittance business, is equipped with all modern tools like SWIFT (Society for World-Wide Inter-Bank Financial Telecommunications), Telex, Internet, fax and other Telecommunication devices to ensure quick and safe transfer of foreign remittance to the beneficiaries anywhere in Bangladesh. The Bank has declared to general public that it would take a maximum period of 72 hours for crediting incoming foreign remittance to the beneficiaries' accounts with any Bank, however remote the Bank Branch is.

Agrani Bank Limited, having established contractual relationship with about 400 Overseas Correspondents and 30 Exchange Houses all over the world, is ready to cater to the banking needs of foreigners as well as Bangladeshis living abroad as far as incoming remittance is concerned.

To ensure quick remittance inflow into Bangladesh Agrani Bank Limited has also made Special Arrangement with Citi Bank NA. Under the arrangement, Citi bank N.A. and its correspondents, subsidiaries and affiliates outside Bangladesh will collect remittances and will issue Drafts on designated branches of Agrani Bank Limited. Designated Agrani Bank Limited Branches shall honour /execute payments of all the Drafts instantly within the stipulated time of 72 hours.

With a view to serving a huge number of Bangladeshi guest workers in Singapore, Agrani Bank Limited has taken a bold step to open in Singapore Agrani Exchange House Pte Ltd, a subsidiary company fully owned by Agrani Bank Limited, which started its operation since 8th February, 2002.

Bangladesh government has put emphasis on increasing remittance inflow and is determined to deter money transfer through non-banking channels. Anyone involved in money laundering activity in any form like "Hoondi" business are sure to be awarded heavy punishment, if found guilty under "Money Laundering Prevention Act, 2002" passed recently by Bangladesh Government. We request all concerned, especially our Bangladeshi brothers and sisters, to send their money through banking channels and help Bangladesh develop with their hard earned foreign currency.

Agrani Bank Limited has been maintaining around 903 number of correspondent including Exchange Houses located in different parts of the world to facilitate our international trade and other transactions of trade and remittances globally. The expatiate Bangladesh who are working abroad, can easily take the opportunity to remit their hard earned foreign exchange to their respective beneficiaries utilizing our correspondent services.