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Agrani Bank Limited, being a state owned Bank, has both commercial commitment to its clients and sociatal commitment to the nation. Besides catering service to its clients at nominal fees/charges the Bank has to provide a plethora of services, free of charges, in respect of transfering money to diffrent benevolent organizations and groups of professionals in far flung areas through its branches in urban and rual areas all over Bangladesh.

Here below are a few of such services Agrani Bank Limited provides:

1. Collection of Utility bills :
  • Telephone bills of T &T Authority without service charges
  • Grameen Phone bills of Grameen Phone Ltd. with service charge & other charges
  • Electric bill of REB without service charges
  • Electric bills of DESA without service charges
  • Electric bill of PDB without service charges
  • Electric bill of DESCO without service charges
  • Bills of Railways without service charges
  • Gas bill of Titas Gas, T& D Co. ltd without service charges
  • Gas bill of Bakhrabad Gas Co. ltd without service charges
  • Bill of Oil-bill of Meghna Petrolium Co. Ltd.
2. Sale/encashment of Saving Certificates
3. Sale/Purchase of Prize bonds
4. Payment of Army/civil pension
5. Payment of non-government primary /secondary school/college /Madrasha teachers benefit (government portion)
6. Payment of Government primary school teachers salary
7. Payment of Honorarium to freedom fighters.
8. Payment of stipend for female students of secondary and higher secondary institutions
9. Payment of Govt. allowances to Bayaska, Bidava and Dostho Mohila.
10. Payment of stipend to primary students
11. Payment of stipend to Shishu Kallyan Trust in urban areas.
12. Maintain of BADC disbursement account with 200 branches
13. Payment of Food Procurement bills.