Wage earners living abroad may purchase "Wage Earner's Development Bond" in Bangladesh Taka under the following terms & conditions:


  • Taka 25,000 Taka 50,000 Taka 100,0000


  • For Five years


  • 12%. In case of premature encashment interest will be paid at lower rate

Insurance Coverage:

  • Any purchaser of Wage Earner's Development Bond is entitled to get death-risk benefit.

Repatriation in Foreign Currency:

  • Purchaser of WEDB can repatriate the principal amount of the bond in foreign currency

Tax Benefit:

  • Interest earned from WEDB is exempted from Income Tax

Availability of WEDB:
Application Forms may be collected from any AD Branch of Agrani Bank. or any other Bank in Bangladesh or Agrani Exchange House in Singapore or Bangladesh Missions abroad. But the Form has to be submitted to any AD Branch of Agrani Bank. in Bangladesh for purchasing WEDB