Any Bangladeshi female national 18 years of age and above can open this account. Any amount of money can be sent from abroad, no limitation of maximum deposit.

Initial Deposit: At least 50/- taka, minimum balance 20/- taka.

Rate of interest: 1% more than conventional savings rate. Interest will be given based on daily product twice in a year (30th June & 30th December). General account opening rules are applicable for opening this account


Required Documents

            Name of applicant(s) together with name(s) of parents and spouse(s).

            Present and Permanent Address.

            Date of Birth


            TIN (if any)

            Duly attested photocopy of valid Passport / Employer’s Certificate / ID Card / Driving License /National ID Card or Certificate about credentials by the local Ward Commissioner / Chairman of Union Parishad. Two copies of recent passport size Photographs of account holder duly attested by the Introducer. One copy of Passport Size Photograph of Nominee duly attested by the Account Holder.